How to be confident!

”Confidence is key”
Many of us struggle with our self confidence, unfortunately us as women compare our bodies and looks with other women. It’s natural, but for me personally I envy women that are confident like most of us do. What we don’t know is, they are probably just as insecure about it as we are.
So I’ve come up with 3 points and tips for you to improve your self confidence!
1) Fake it till you make it : Doubt is the enemy of confidence. It keeps us feeling uncertain and, sometimes, even makes us a bit cynical. If you start doubting yourself, counteract it by doubting your doubt. Question the truth of what your doubt is saying to you. Perhaps your doubt is saying, “Oh, I’m really not good at this.” Question those limiting beliefs whenever they arise. You’ll likely realize there aren’t many facts to back up the doubtful assertion.
2) Facing your fears : Think about a fear you faced and recall how you felt afterward. Perhaps you felt liberated and proud; you might have even wanted to do the thing you were afraid of again. Make a commitment to do something that scares you every day, once a week, or once a month and watch your confidence quickly grow.
3)Do things that make you happy: When we are happy we give off more good energy that to others see as confidence. Even though we may not be, the happy emotions we have counteract the negative thoughts we may also be experiencing. So whether it’s getting your nails done, volunteering at an animal shelter, doing a full face of make up or just going for a jog. If it makes you feel better DO IT! you will look better and more confident after.
Jac xx


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